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Designing memorable hospitality
experiences; creating spaces that
influences loyalty and repeat

Welcome to Spaceworks, where we design captivating hospitality settings that embody your brand’s unique essence and vision. With our expertise in design, research, and project management, we create unforgettable hospitality spaces for your ventures. From intimate boutique restaurants to expansive hotel chains, our team crafts versatile environments that integrate cutting-edge technologies and immersive experiences, fostering customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction.

When you collaborate with Spaceworks, you not only get an aesthetically pleasing and functional hospitality environment but also gain a multitude of benefits that elevate your business, empower your staff, delight your guests, and enrich the overall ambiance. Our extensive knowledge in both front-of-house and back-of-house operations ensures a seamless hospitality experience with maximum return on investment. We understand the science behind motivating guest behavior, encouraging extended stays, and boosting customer engagement.

From Single site Hospitality to Rollout
At Spaceworks, we excel in crafting intuitive hospitality spaces that flawlessly align with your business needs. Our methodology synergises your brand and operational strategies with our expertise in hospitality design strategy, research, and project management. By incorporating mixed-use areas and leveraging the latest technologies, we construct highly functional hospitality environments that yield enduring benefits..
We have over 23 years of experience, extensive knowledge, and a successful track record of completing multiple site rollouts with 20 or more stores.

As your partner, we possess the expertise to seamlessly scale and replicate your hospitality rollout, ensuring a smooth journey from one end of the network to the other. By leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge in executing multiple site rollouts, we meticulously plan and manage the entire process. This meticulous approach reduces the need for repeated iterations in the market, saving valuable time and resources. Our focus on efficient execution enables us to swiftly move from one location to another, achieving timely openings and a cohesive brand presence across your hospitality network.

We have successfully executed over 1800 projects in our business history, 700 of these are rollout sites, across New Zealand.

Our proven ability to handle a large number of sites demonstrates our capacity to scale and manage multiple sites simultaneously, providing you with a reliable and capable partner for your widespread rollout requirements. With years of experience in the market, we possess ample resources to pull from when scaling up for large executions. The extensive number of locations we have successfully completed has been instrumental in our continuous learning journey. By encountering various challenges and opportunities, we have refined our processes and improved efficiencies, ensuring smoother and more effective project executions. As a result, you can confidently entrust us with your rollout knowing that we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results while efficiently managing multiple sites in a seamless manner.

We are leaders in sustainable practices for design and construction in the fitout sector

In 2022 we launched our own easy to use carbon calculator so that every project can benefit from understanding their carbon footprint without significant cost. We all know that every dollar in retail is valuable. Now measuring this and making environmental decisions that align with your brand are easy and achievable. This innovation is unique to Spaceworks and is for the benefit of your project.

Spaceworks Interior Architecture is design-led, focusing on creating the best customer experience to drive higher sales and returns.

Our customer-centric approach prioritises captivating hospitality experiences, resulting in increased guest satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth. Through optimised layouts and immersive designs, we foster deeper connections with your brand, and ultimately leads to repeat visits, encouraging brand advocacy, and maximising your hospitality business’s success. By crafting memorable experiences, we elevate your brand’s reputation in the industry, attracting new customers and fostering lasting relationships, ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of your hospitality venture.

We prioritise cost transparency, providing clear and accurate cost assessments throughout the project.

As a client, you can trust in our transparent and predictable cost management process, providing better budgeting and financial planning during the hospitality rollout. We understand the significance of cost certainty for our clients. To ensure a seamless journey throughout the hospo rollout process, we meticulously cost all projects at three critical stages. This approach eliminates any surprises when the design is delivered, preventing the need for backtracking or re-engaging with stakeholders due to unforeseen expenses.

We are well connected and have great coverage across the country to deliver in all main cities and regional locations.

Our vast network of consultants and contractors across the country further strengthens our commitment to stability and predictability in pricing. By leveraging this extensive network, we can provide reliable and consistent cost estimates, giving you the confidence to plan and budget effectively. Transparency around numbers is at the core of our approach, granting you certainty in understanding the costs and what to expect from our services. This transparency ensures that we align with your expectations and collectively work towards achieving our goals. With Spaceworks Interior Architecture, you can be certain that your rollout will proceed smoothly, free from hidden costs or financial uncertainties.

We provide personalised and custom solutions tailored to your specific rollout needs

Experience a seamless and efficient rollout process with our personalised and custom solutions. We provide these in our designs and also in our approach to costing your project. We ascertain what journey is best to take you on to express the design and to work to your budget. We take the time to understand your brand and specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of the design aligns with your vision.

Our Hospitality Process

Strategy & Design

Design is an artful blend of creativity and functionality, transforming spaces into captivating and harmonious environments. It goes beyond mere decoration, encompassing not only the aesthetic aspects but also the practical needs of the inhabitants, optimizing the use of space and enhancing the overall experience.

  • Net zero consulting
  • Environmental design (ESG Strategy)
  • D&I design
  • Due diligence and feasibility investigations
  • Strategy and workshops
  • Fit-out / brand guidelines
  • Technology strategy/architect management
  • Change management
  • Master planning
  • BIM management
  • Graphic development
  • Wayfinding and signage solutions
  • Preliminary design
  • Developed design
  • 3D and VR visualization
  • Detailed design & documentation
  • Consultant management and integration
  • Council consent and approvals
  • Design quality assurance


Furniture procurement involves the process of sourcing, selecting, and acquiring furniture items for a project or establishment. It includes identifying furniture requirements, researching suppliers, obtaining quotes, evaluating options, and making purchasing decisions. Furniture procurement focuses on finding high-quality and suitable furniture pieces that align with the desired functionality, aesthetics, and budget of the project.

Effective furniture procurement ensures the availability of comfortable, durable, and visually appealing furniture that enhances the overall ambiance and meets the specific needs of the space and its occupants

  • Procurement strategy
  • Budget management
  • Custom joinery
  • Site installation
  • Warranty and guarantee documentation
  • After care programme

Project Management

A successful turn key project involves seamless execution, we do this with our highly skilled Project Management team. Ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget is a key driver for us. Your project will be delivered with transparency from start to finish.
By applying Spaceworks proven methodologies and best practices, our project management team helps our clients achieve their desired outcomes, deliver projects on time and within budget, and maximise overall success while delivering your project up to 20% faster.

  • Due diligence and feasibility investigations
  • Cost estimation and budgeting
  • Budget management
  • Program establishment
  • Program optimistation
  • Vendor and supplier management
  • Contract management
    Pre construction management
    Construction management
    Portfolio management
    Relocation and move management


Spaceworks prioritise delivering construction services because we understand the immense value of hands-on experience in bringing your design vision to life. As designers ourselves, we place a strong emphasis on quality, and our direct involvement in the construction process guarantees just that. We approach construction tailored to your specific needs. We offer a comprehensive turnkey solution, taking care of every aspect of the construction process from start to finish.

Additionally, we understand the importance of ESG goals. During the construction stage, we actively monitor and support any ESG objectives that have been set in the initial strategy stage, ensuring that sustainable and responsible practices are implemented.

  • Site onboarding and training
  • Site and safety management
  • Construction management
  • Construction quality assurance
  • Make good and pre-lease works
  • Environmental management (ESG)
  • Offsite manufacturing management
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Technology installment and go live integration
  • As-built documentation

The Carbon Calculator is a market-leading environmental impact solution designed to measure the embodied carbon emissions of a fit-out. It’s the first step in designing a carbon-reduced build or renovation to cost-effectively improve business performance, health and wellbeing and sustainability reporting. Designed by Spaceworks interior architecture experts and certified by global leaders in sustainability best practice.

To find out how the Carbon Calculator can impact your fit-out, speak to the team at Spaceworks.

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