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Does your business have Sustainability Goals?

  • Have you succeeded with scope 1 & 2 emissions – but now you need to include scope 3?
  • Or are you early on your journey and need guidance?
  • Maybe you have a sustainability linked loan?

Recognised as a Toitū carbon zero certified company, we are committed to not just our sustainability but to facilitating your business’s environmental objectives.

Our processes and tools are designed to help you meet and exceed your sustainability targets.

Spaceworks Tools & Processes: Advancing Sustainability

We are committed to leading in sustainability innovation in the design & fitout sector. Our tools are designed to ensure that we meet the issues that businesses are facing.  


Here is what we can do at Spaceworks to support your sustainability goals on your next Design & Build project:

Did you know:

  • 17000 tonnes of construction demolition waste is tipped daily in New Zealand

  • Construction and demolition waste constitutes over 33% of the waste in Class 1 landfills in New Zealand

  • The built environment in NZ is responsible for 16-20% of all carbon emissions

  • The built environment contributes to approximately 39% of global carbon emissions

1. Sustainability Consulting

What We Do:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: We begin by evaluating the potential environmental impacts of your proposed design & build, considering factors like reuse, recycle, low carbon, energy consumption, waste production, and resource efficiency.
  • Sustainability Strategy Development: Based on the assessment, we develop a tailored sustainability strategy that aligns with your business’s environmental goals and the latest industry standards.
  • ESG Strategy Integration: We design an integration that incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into your project planning and execution, ensuring that your business benefits from enhanced sustainability credentials.

Our Process:

  • Initial Consultation: Discuss & align your vision and sustainability goals with potential
  • Detailed Assessment: Conduct a thorough analysis of the existing conditions and potential impacts.
  • Strategy Formulation: Create a comprehensive action plan to achieve the desired sustainability outcomes.
  • Execution: We measure throughout the design & build process, to ensure this is in alignment with the strategy and goals.
  • Post Implementation Reporting: We complete a comprehensive report for key stakeholders to see how the strategy was executed and propose any future optimisation that is relevant.
2. Carbon Reduced or Carbon Zero Design

What We Do:

  •  Low-Carbon Material Selection: We select building materials that have lower carbon footprints, significantly reducing the overall environmental impact of the construction.
  • Embodied Carbon & Operational Carbon-Efficient Design: Our designs prioritise low carbon & energy efficiency, incorporating elements like natural lighting, better insulation, and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Waste Strategy to ensure waste minimisation, to be measured alongside carbon. Prioritising waste where not to the detriment of carbon. A finely balanced integration of both
  • Utilisation of the Spaceworks Carbon Calculator: Employ the Spaceworks Carbon Calculator to estimate and optimise the carbon footprint of your projects from the design phase itself.

Our Process:

  • Design Review: Evaluate design options for their environmental impact using our Carbon Calculator.
  • Material and Technology Selection: Choose materials and technologies that reduce the project’s carbon footprint.
  • Carbon Reduction Plan: Develop a detailed plan to minimise carbon emissions throughout the construction and lifecycle of the space.
  •  Certification Preparation: Prepare the necessary documentation and submissions for Carbon Zero certification, if desired.
  •  Post Implementation Reporting: We complete a comprehensive report for key stakeholders to see how the strategy was executed and propose any future optimisation that is relevant.
Spaceworks Carbon Calculator
Sustainability Approach
Our approach to sustainability is deeply integrated into every phase of our project delivery —from initial concept to final execution. We consider every element through the lens of environmental impact, ensuring that our design and materials choices align with your sustainability goals. Our collaboration with PMG Funds exemplifies this approach, achieving an impressive 44% reduction in fit-out emissions, thereby not only meeting but surpassing their sustainability expectations.
Case Study: PMG Funds - A Model of Success

In our work with PMG Funds, one of New Zealand’s leading property funds management firms, we showcased how aligned values in sustainability can lead to outstanding results. PMG Funds’ commitment to being a carbon-zero business echoes our own, and through our joint efforts using the Spaceworks Carbon Calculator, we have set new benchmarks for the industry. This successful reduction in emissions demonstrates the tangible benefits of our collaboration, leading to enhanced sustainability credentials for PMG.

‘’Spaceworks exceeded our expectations with their innovative Carbon Calculator, surpassing our sustainability fit-out goals. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business, as we are net carbon zero organisation.

Our focus is to showcase the impact of sustainable practices on base builds and landlord fit outs, setting high standards for our tenants right from the beginning, and Spaceworks has been instrumental in helping us towards this goal’’.

– Lloyd Clark, Asset Manager, PMG.

Read the PMG Carbon Reduced Strategy Case Study

The Carbon Calculator is a market-leading environmental impact solution designed to measure the embodied carbon emissions of a fit-out. It’s the first step in designing a carbon-reduced build or renovation to cost-effectively improve business performance, health and wellbeing and sustainability reporting. Designed by Spaceworks interior architecture experts and certified by global leaders in sustainability best practice.

To find out how the Carbon Calculator can impact your fit-out, speak to the team at Spaceworks.

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