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PMG – Carbon Reduced Strategy


Established in 1992, PMG stands out as one of New Zealand’s leading property funds management firms. At PMG, financial sustainability goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship and social responsibility. They believe that investing in these areas not only builds trust but also forges strong, long-term partnerships, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

PMG is committed to making lasting positive impacts, particularly within the property and investment sectors nationwide. With a focus on being a carbon-zero business, sustainability is at the heart of their operations. As long-standing clients of PMG, Spaceworks was tasked with designing carbon-reduced fitouts for two tenancies using the Spaceworks Carbon Calculator. The primary goal? Setting high sustainability standards from the outset, showcasing the impact of sustainable practices on base builds and landlord fit-outs.

We measured impact right from the initial concept and space planning stages, utilizing the bespoke Spaceworks Carbon Calculator to establish a baseline measurement. Collaborating closely with PMG, we set a carbon reduction goal of 33%.

Our team of interiors and sustainability experts then devised effective reduction strategies while ensuring the project’s design integrity. From design and material specification to logistics planning, multiple opportunities were explored to benefit the project.

In the end, our efforts yielded impressive results—effective reduction solutions that met sustainability and project goals without compromising design integrity. Through our partnership with PMG, we achieved sustainability milestones while creating spaces that are both functional and visually stunning.