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Meet Lauren Gibbs, a talented designer at Spaceworks whose passion for design is deeply ingrained. With a degree in Spatial Design from AUT University and a string of awards, including the prestigious Best Awards Gold Pin Winner in 2020 and 2021, Lauren’s journey in design has been marked by excellence.

Her notable projects at Spaceworks include ABI Interiors, Plymasters, NZ Steel, and Ray White, showcasing her exceptional design skills. Lauren’s technical growth is evident in projects like Henry Schien and Inghams, where her project management expertise shines.

A significant highlight for Lauren at Spaceworks is when clients entrust her entirely as a designer, showcasing her values and strengths. Projects such as ANI School and 2degrees are particularly memorable, as seeing clients fully immersed in her creations brings her immense satisfaction.

Lauren brings a unique perspective to her role, viewing design as an integral part of her identity. She’s deeply involved in projects from inception to completion, driven by curiosity and a desire to see things through. Her care for her work and people, coupled with Spaceworks’ supportive environment, fosters growth and innovation.

At Spaceworks, Lauren envisions making a positive impact by valuing people above all else. She admires the company’s commitment to excellence and its leadership’s genuine care for both employees and clients.

Outside of work, Lauren finds joy in all things crafty and embraces new experiences with an open mind, embodying a spirit of curiosity and creativity.