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Where raw, refined, and natural beauty unite.

Nestled at the entrance to the picturesque Whitianga Waterways, is Basker, a restaurant and café embodying raw beauty, refined design, and a commitment to nature.

Opened in December 2023, Basker has fast become one of Whitianga’s hottest food destinations.

Spaceworks, in collaboration with T E & E M as the primary contractors and Latham Construction overseeing the base build, was privileged to be the designers of Basker.


One of Spaceworks’ significant challenges was to craft a restaurant and café within a limited space. Our solution lay in the creation of feature counters, seamlessly integrated into the layout, thus optimising storage without encroaching upon the general space. Feature shelving was used as a clever solution, adding storage space despite the size constraints. A suspended cupboard, serving as a dry store on one side and a display cupboard on the other, showcases Spacework’s ability to adapt to space limitations creatively.

The colour palette transitions from light to dark, mirroring the ambiance of a morning café to the moodier tones of an evening restaurant.

Time management was critical, and the eatery was opened on time for the busy summer holiday season.