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December, 2022

Spaceworks Receives Rainbow Tick for Second Time

Spaceworks Team

We are delighted to announce we have received the Rainbow Tick for a second year. It’s one thing to achieve the tick in the first place, it’s a whole other story to level up and achieve year two certification.

Every year requires that we walk the talk, and we do that well. We were able to provide 120 pieces of evidence to support our submission around how rainbow inclusivity is part of the fabric of our company.

Naturally we are delighted to have been re-awarded the Rainbow Tick, and while we levelled up, it wasn’t as much as we would have liked. 2022 provided challenges for us, like many businesses. It’s easy to be consumed by what’s right in front of you rather than focus on the bigger picture and take those steps forward to do better and ultimately be better.

We go into 2023 with fire in our belly to make further impact. To that end we have two key focus goals for rainbow inclusivity:

1.  To increase Rainbow visibility on construction sites.

To do this we are looking to partner with organisations and collaborate on making sites more rainbow inclusive.

2.  To increase the implementation of Rainbow inclusive design. 

This extends further than gender inclusive facilities such as toilets although this is certainly a great start that we commend. Gender inclusive design should be weaved through all aspects of design and can include colour palettes, iconography, art, signage and shapes.

To celebrate the second year of the tick, the Spaceworks team got together for cupcakes and for CEO Lizzi Whaley to thank us for our acceptance and desire for inclusivity and belonging.

We are looking forward to the challenges and rewards of 2023.

Thanks to Rainbow Tick for their support, guidance and training on this journey. Read more about the Rainbow Tick here.