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Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR): Revolutionising Design in Distinct Ways
Step into the future of design with VR. Say goodbye to static renderings and hello to immersive experiences that bring your space to life. With VR, you can explore your office, retail, or commercial space before it's even built, gaining confidence in your decisions and forging a deeper connection with your project. But VR isn't just for clients; it's a game-changer for designers too. By immersing themselves in their creations, our team gains invaluable insights that push the boundaries of creativity and ensure every detail is perfect.
A New VR for Clients When it comes to helping our clients visualise the potential of a space and a design, nothing beats VR. Gone are the days of flat floor plans and static renderings. It’s quite the oxymoron that we used to design in 3D programs, only to present the work in 2D. The traditional methods significantly underutilised the capabilities of our 3D tools, reducing them to mere images on a screen or paper. Now, we can walk you through your future office, retail or commercial space early on in the design process. This isn't just about showing the designs; it’s about giving you the confidence in the decisions you make. VR allows you to experience the space, understand the flow, and check out every little detail, from the texture on the walls to the lighting in the evening. It's all about creating a connection between the space and the client long before construction begins.   A New Perspective: VR for Designers Internally, VR is equally transformative. For our designers, it's a powerful tool for reflection and improvement. By stepping into their own designs, our team can get a true sense of the space they're creating. It's one thing to imagine how light filters through a window or how room layouts feel, but VR lets us experience it firsthand. This immediate feedback loop helps our designers understand if a design just works or if it could use a bit more finesse. It pushes the boundaries of creativity and precision, ensuring that we don’t just settle for good enough, but strive for truly engaging and functional spaces.
Augmented Reality: Enhancing Real-World Context
AR layers digital information onto the real world, enhancing what we see without replacing it. In design, this means AR can project models and elements onto a physical space, allowing clients and designers to see how new designs will look in context. This is particularly useful during site visits or in the early stages of space planning, where understanding the scale and interaction of new elements with existing environments is crucial. Whilst not as immersive as VR this can be an incredible tool; here AR can streamline decisions about furniture placement, colour schemes, and more by overlaying proposed designs over real settings.
Complementary Tools in the Design Process While VR is best used for deep, immersive planning and client walkthroughs, AR excels in on-site application and instant visualisation. Both technologies foster a deeper understanding and connection to the project, ensuring clients understand the vision and enabling greater creativity through better-informed design iterations. Technology is an area we are passionate about; at Spaceworks, we leverage both VR and AR to not just meet but exceed our client’s expectations, ensuring our designs are not only efficient but truly resonate with those who inhabit the spaces. If you are keen to see either solution brought to life – reach out and we can show you the visual impact of using a tool like this. Talk about maximising project and design engagement!

The Carbon Calculator is a market-leading environmental impact solution designed to measure the embodied carbon emissions of a fit-out. It’s the first step in designing a carbon-reduced build or renovation to cost-effectively improve business performance, health and wellbeing and sustainability reporting. Designed by Spaceworks interior architecture experts and certified by global leaders in sustainability best practice.

To find out how the Carbon Calculator can impact your fit-out, speak to the team at Spaceworks.

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