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April, 2023

Branding in Physical Spaces


Physical spaces speak volumes about brands.

Corporate branding is an essential aspect of any business, and how it extends to the interior design of offices, retail spaces and other commercial settings is a powerful presentation of the brand.

Interior design for Fluff Cafe

In translating a brand into a physical space, design is used as a tool to help evoke the desired feelings the end user should experience in the brand’s space – whether this is a retail store or head office.

Following a brand’s guidelines in practice means translating them into materials and applications to create a space that emanates the feeling of the brand.

At Spaceworks, our skilled designers blend the client’s visual brand identity with unique design elements to create a space that feels both on-brand and personalised.

One way we do this is by focusing on details. We incorporate unique touches, such as custom lighting fixtures, unique furniture pieces, or textured accent walls, to bring personality to a space while still adhering to the brand’s guidelines.

Another strategy we use is colour. While a brand may have specific brand colours, our designers incorporate complementary hues to add depth and interest to a space.

Ultimately, the key to success is a balance between the brand’s guidelines and our designers’ creative vision. By incorporating unique details and creative touches, we create spaces that feel personalised and on-brand at the same time.