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March, 2023

The Carbon Calculator Process


To use the Spaceworks Carbon Calculator we go through a 3 stage process.

1. Initial Calculation Take Off – taken from the Space plan
2. Second Calculation Take Off – taken after reduction strategies implemented
3. Final Calculation Take Off – completed post design and construction.

After stage 3, clients can opt to offset the embodied carbons via an accredited trackable provider that Spaceworks can guide through the process. Offsetting will enable the client to have a certified net carbon zero fitout.

A critical part of a successful sustainable project is where reduction strategies have been implemented. These are a collaboration between the client and us as the Designer.

These are the areas of design we look to impact:

•Designing for flexibility right from the beginning, factoring in the potential for businesses to grow or shrink – allowing for better hybrid working solutions will minimise further embodied carbons

• Using pre-fabricated meeting rooms or meeting pods, so they can be moved around a tenancy or moved to your new building or sold to another company if it’s no longer of use

• A lot of responsibility is with designers at the design phase, by specifying materials that are low carbon or have a lifecycle – like being collected at end of life. Or they may already be a recycled product from a former end of life product. Many suppliers are also supplying carbon neutral products – this is a great place to start

• Buy less furniture, consider reusing, upcycling or repurposing existing furniture solutions

• Designing to minimise waste from the beginning – ensuring through design you don’t leave a half sheet of metica or melamine, that designs fit into full sheets. Don’t leave half boxes of tiles.


• Managing transport and deliveries – common to have multiple suppliers, do you need multiple suppliers, but if you do – have the 5 different furniture suppliers all utilising one transport option and at one time. Like with furniture, we ensure contractors deliver goods and materials efficiently

• Using local trades if a project is out of town. Reducing the kms

• Utilising online meeting solutions when site attendance is not required.

• Designing with deconstruction and future demolition in mind – utilising products that are either reusable or recyclable or are a previously recycled item

• If completing demolition project consider using a company like JunkRun who on most projects will divert 80 percent or more of demolition waste away from landfill.

If you are keen to make a lesser impact to the environment or have sustainable business goals and are interested in knowing more, then reach out.

Contact us to discuss how the Spaceworks Carbon Calculator can help with your project