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ABI Interiors
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Lauren Gibbs

In 2016, ABI emerged onto the scene of the international market as a family business, driven by a keen observation of a gap in both local and global markets for premium fixtures that didn’t come with the hefty price tag.

In 2021, ABI partnered with Spaceworks to design their first international store and showroom in Auckland, New Zealand. Nestled within the Residum in Parnell, formerly known as the Auckland Home Ideas Centres, this location is renowned as Auckland’s premier hub for interior design and architectural exploration.

Spaceworks embarked on a mission to design a distinctive showcase of ambiance and aesthetic. Empowered by ABI’s openness to innovative approaches and shared love for materiality, Spaceworks ventured beyond conventional boundaries to realise a design that would set ABI apart from other exhibitors within the centre.

Key to this was the creation of an environment that felt more lived-in than purely showroom-esque. In employing neutral, warm tones held within various textures and materials the space emits a sense of comfort and welcome through its refinement. Hero features such as a series of meticulously crafted cantilevered ceilings look to not only hug the warmth of the space below but also encourage the eye to dance in and around the space.


Carefully considering every detail, Spaceworks ensured that the design seamlessly complemented the products on display. Softened edges and deliberate avoidance of harsh lines contributed to an inviting space where the showcased products are given individually and their moment to shine, allowing clients and visitors to thoughtfully consider their product selections without the distraction of unnecessary visual noise.

Unfortunately, the Auckland anniversary floods of 2023 wreaked havoc on the home ideas centre, and ABI’s showroom was damaged.  Spaceworks swiftly embarked on a restoration project, revitalising the space from stripping linings and retiling to repainting and recreating plinths, ensuring that ABI’s showroom emerged from the ordeal even more resilient and inviting than before.

ABI Interiors says:

‘The ABI showroom in Residium is a warm, inviting space for customers embarking on their design journey. It allows them to maximise their experience with us, from gaining insight into our products to finalising selections and crafting mood boards in their design consultations.

Beyond a stunning display area for showcasing our products, the showroom provides the adaptability necessary to evolve alongside our business, functioning as a working office and event space when needed.

From the neutral colour palette to the organic curves, Lauren and the Spaceworks team have consistently exceeded expectations throughout the design process and have helped bring the essence of the ABI brand and identity to life.’