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Magnetic kitchens are a win for landlords, employers, and employees alike.


In 2024, workplace kitchens are evolving beyond mere functional areas to become central hubs that enhance employee experience, reflect company culture, and add value to commercial properties.

This transformation includes the activation of front spaces, where kitchens serve as dynamic entry points that magnetise employees and guests alike. These trends align with the needs of all stakeholders—employees, employers, and landlords—by creating inviting environments that foster engagement, collaboration, and a sense of community.

Here’s a look at the latest trends and how they contribute to the magnetised workplace, making kitchens the heartbeat of modern office spaces.

What Landlords Want

Increasing Property Value:

• High-Quality Fixtures and Finishes: Durable, attractive finishes that increase the appeal and value of the property.

• Modern, Up-to-Date Appliances: Ensuring that kitchen amenities are state-of-the-art and meet tenant expectations.

Attracting and Retaining Tenants:

• Flexible and Adaptable Designs: Kitchens that can be easily customised or adapted to different tenant needs.

• Great design to attract the tenants through visual appeal

• Premium Common Areas: Investing in high-end kitchen facilities as a key selling point for attracting quality tenants.

Optimising Space for Maximum Impact:

• Strategic Placement: Positioning kitchens at the front of offices to create a welcoming environment that energises the space and impresses potential tenants.

• Shared Kitchen Spaces: Offering communal kitchen facilities that multiple tenants can use, enhancing community and reducing individual fit-out costs.

What Employers Want

Boosting Morale and Productivity:

• Inspiring Design: Bright, aesthetically pleasing kitchens that reflect the company’s brand and culture.

• Modern design, that is highly functional and attractive to spend time in. Enabling employees to want to spend time in the office.

• A space that encourages retention and acquisition

• Kitchens that double up as additional informal meeting spaces, and spaces that encourage community and connection

Promoting Health and Well-being:

• Kitchens that support and encourage healthy consumption and promotion of wellness programs tied to kitchen use.

• Mental Health Focus: Creating spaces that serve as a retreat, helping to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Use of Space:

• Energy-Efficient Appliances: Choosing appliances that reduce energy costs and align with sustainability goals.

• Central Hub Design: Placing kitchens in central locations to encourage employee gathering and interaction. And having flexibility that this space can be used for other business activities

What Employees Want

Modern Appliances and Versatility:

• Air Fryers: With the rise of health-conscious eating, air fryers have become a popular addition, offering a quick and healthy cooking option.

• Espresso Machines: Quality coffee machines remain a must-have, providing a caffeine boost and a touch of luxury.

• Smart Fridges and Microwaves: Appliances with smart features for better food storage and preparation efficiency are increasingly desired.

Well-Designed Social Spaces:

• Casual Seating Areas: Comfortable, casual seating where employees can relax or collaborate informally.

• Communal Tables: Large, communal tables encourage social interaction and teamwork during breaks.

Healthy and Sustainable Options:

• Filtered Water Stations: Access to filtered and sparkling water encourages hydration and reduces plastic use.

• Recycling waste options to support sustainability initiatives,

As you consider transforming your workplace kitchen into a vibrant, functional space that enhances employee experience and adds value to your property, look no further than Spaceworks. With a deep understanding of integrating kitchens into work environments, rooted in our extensive hospitality background, we excel at creating spaces that become the heartbeat of your office.

Whether you’re aiming to magnetise your front-of-house area, boost employee morale with inspiring design, or incorporate the latest trends and technologies, Spaceworks will bring your vision to life.

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